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Women in Games sits happily between the academy and the industry. Both worlds come together in our network to address the challenges at hand in addressing the gender gap in our beloved games culture.

Earlier this year I was invited to edit a special edition of Routledge’s Digital Creativity Journal for Women in Games. The journal is now online at


An academically-accredited peer-reviewed journal publication is important for the network as by gaining this type of public recognition it becomes easier to access research funds for ongoing activities.

The WiG steering committee is a volunteer group that works with and beyond the WiG events to provide an ongoing resource for all those interested and engaged with this work.

I’d particularly like to thank all the contributors to the journal for their tireless work in creating this Special Edition over the summer and also all those we couldn’t fit in. Well done everybody!

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We are proud to announce publication of a selection of papers arising from WiG2007 in a special Gender and Games section in issue 2 of the online games studies journal Eludamos (http://www.eludamos.org).

Many thanks to all our contributors and an especial thank you to my co-editors, Gareth Schott and Barry Atkins.

We continue with our ongoing publication plans for the Women in Games conference in a number of avenues to ensure that the work offered at the events reach the widest possible audience.

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