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brin5tar’s written in to let us know that the transcripts are up from the Women in Games debate held last week on XFire.com. You can read the results here and here.

Great quote:

Barbie makes me throw up, but I still support her games because it introduces girls everywhere to a love of playing…then I can get my hands on them later for some Halo 3 😀

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The Women In Games conference encourages research and seeks to promote careers for women within the games industry. Making this career path attractive from a female perspective doesn’t just make good business sense, it’s vital both commercially and artistically.

Modern gaming is a cutting-edge industry on the forefront of technology and interactive storytelling. But for it to become a true sister medium to music and cinema, it needs greater balance in its audience and its workforce.

Even in the industry’s traditional areas of interest to women, such as art and animation, female representation is low – lower still in more scientific disciplines, such as programming. Without women taking on a greater role in the creative process, how can the end result – the games themselves – ever consistently appeal to female tastes? More broadly, what is the industry missing out on through the domination of male perspectives in the creation of games?

Women In Games was established to address such issues. A major theme of Women in Games 2008 is exploring ways of encouraging more women to enter games and increase their prominence across the industry, ultimately demonstrating how the female perspective can provide a rich new angle on the gaming experience. Other themes will focus on the latest game research with a particular emphasis on areas that affect, or are affected by, women.

Women In Games 2008 will be organised by the Department of Computer Science at Warwick University and Rare, a leading games development studio based in the UK and responsible for such classics as Banjo-Kazooie, GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark and Viva Piñata.

• Location: Warwick University

• Date: 10th- 12th September 2008

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Women in Games at XFire

XFireOur esteemed Steering Committee member Helen Kennedy has sent in a quickie note to say that she’s moderating a Women in Games debate on games site XFire on Thursday 25th October at 9pm. Here’s the list of participants:

Leigh Alexander, Editor, Worlds in Motion
Colette Bennett, Editor, Destructoid
Amber “AthenaTwin” Dalton, Clan Leader and Founder, PMS Clan;
Robyn Fleming, Senior Editor, Cerise Magazine;
Maggie Green, Associate Editor, Weekends, Kotaku;
Jasmin Kassner, Founder, PixelTamer Games
Christa “TriXie” Phillips, Community Editor, Xbox.com
Lesley Smith, Freelance Games Journalist

More information as it arrives.

Check out more information here. Regina from Xifre (aka Brin5tar) wrote in to say that Maggie Green has unfortunately had to cancel. No mind – she’s also told us about another event, on 26th Oct, a chat and “play with the pros” event with the PMS Clan. Thanks brin!

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Women in Games, a network of women united in their passion for games, announces its first WIG Mixer as part of the London Games Festival Fringe. The networking event is Tuesday October 23rd from 6:00 to 9:00 pm held at Central St Martins Innovation Centre. Admission is free and requires an advance RSVP.

Emma Westecott for Women in Games is the local host and emcee. Complimentary food and beverages, supplied by Central St Martins, will be provided for all guests. The LDA, Make Your Mark and WIG partners proudly support this unique game industry networking event. Mixer attendees from all across the UK are welcome, and remember although this event is concerned with women and games men are very welcome to attend! The industry needs a meaningful dialogue between the sexes as it moves forward.

Westecott offers, “I’m very excited about this first Women in Games mixer in London . We’ve received tremendous support from the industry and WIG members. Our online community has grown to over 250 members and word is getting out about WIG’s community building efforts.”

The WIG Mixer in London will be held at Central St Martins Innovation Centre, The Innovation Centre, Central Saint Martins, Southampton Row, London , WC1B 4AP (Map). Admittance is free, but an advance RSVP is required.


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Women in Games ConferenceThose with an eagle eye will have noticed that there’s been a quiet pre-announcement for the Women in Games 2008 conference over on the WiG website. In a nutshell, the 2008 Women in Games conference will be held at the University of Warwick in Coventry on 10th-12th September 2008. We’re thrilled to say that the conference will be jointly hosted by the university’s Department of Computer Science and the game developer Rare Ltd, in an exciting partnership between academe and industry.

More will be announced soon (very soon!) but the WiG Steering Committee would like to welcome the organisers of WiG 2008, Nicola Bhalerao of Rare, Sara Kalvala of the University of Warwick and Jane Sinclair, also of the University of Warwick. This formidable trio will lead us forward to Women in Games Valhalla!

Check out who they are on the biogs page.

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Women in games on Channel 4“DON’T HAVE TO BE A GEEK” argues the headline on Channel 4’s 4Talent website, topping an article on women’s contributions to gaming. Among the interviewed are programmer Nicola Bhalerao from Rare, Designers Lynsey Rigby and Anya Massey at Blitz and Nanette Kaulig, an animator at Lionhead.

The article offers tips for entry into the industry, breaking down a few gamer stereotypes along the way.

Oh, and the Women in Games conference gets a wee mention along the way.

Check it out.

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