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Working towards a PhD investigating the possibility of computer environments and computer games creating alternative genres, led me to explore the possibility of a career in the games industry, which first led me to conclude it was ‘only for boys.’

This understanding was altered when I attended the first ‘Women in Games’ conference held at the University of Portsmouth and ran by Mark Eyles in 2004 and realised there were in fact many women working and researching in the computer games industry, and their contributions were starting to raise many issues, previously unexplored.

Because of the enthusiasm and the hard work done by members of the first conference, I was inspired to help them and subsequently joined the committee in 2005. I believe the conferences we organise help to support and raise the level of discourse promoting the contribution made by many women in the games industry.

As an artist, formally a painter and printmaker working with traditional art materials, creating and developing my traditional work led me to the digital world and the many and multi possibilities that reside with software tools and 3d creation.

My own particular interest is in the possibility of engaging with game developers to raise the awareness that fine art can bring lateral thinking and interaction by investigating alternative methods of game production and values, bringing a whole new aesthetic to game production and development.

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