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Women in Games at XFire

XFireOur esteemed Steering Committee member Helen Kennedy has sent in a quickie note to say that she’s moderating a Women in Games debate on games site XFire on Thursday 25th October at 9pm. Here’s the list of participants:

Leigh Alexander, Editor, Worlds in Motion
Colette Bennett, Editor, Destructoid
Amber “AthenaTwin” Dalton, Clan Leader and Founder, PMS Clan;
Robyn Fleming, Senior Editor, Cerise Magazine;
Maggie Green, Associate Editor, Weekends, Kotaku;
Jasmin Kassner, Founder, PixelTamer Games
Christa “TriXie” Phillips, Community Editor, Xbox.com
Lesley Smith, Freelance Games Journalist

More information as it arrives.

Check out more information here. Regina from Xifre (aka Brin5tar) wrote in to say that Maggie Green has unfortunately had to cancel. No mind – she’s also told us about another event, on 26th Oct, a chat and “play with the pros” event with the PMS Clan. Thanks brin!

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